Why Do Diabetics Get More Gum Disease?

Diabetes is obviously a difficult thing And there’s a lot going on with it that You have to pay attention to one of the Things that we have in our mouths Normally is we have germs bacteria and For the most part they’re pretty good Things they help us in terms of keeping Keeping our mouths help healthy they Help with in our stomachs and help us Eat and digest food so it’s all part of The same process so for the most part These these germs or bacteria in our Mouths are good but sometimes you get Bacteria that aren’t quite so friendly In our mouths and that can become a Problem and that can lead to that gum Disease problem that we do worry about Now with your diabetes we do worry about Fighting infection a little bit more you May not be quite as strong at fighting Certain infections and it seems as Though gum disease is one of those Infections that you have a little more Trouble fighting so if you do have gum Disease and you have diabetes you may Have a little bit worse situation and Something we have to pay a little closer Attention to

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