What Are the Signs of Gum Disease in Diabetics?

You may be wondering if you have gum Disease and and and that’s an important Question to be asking yourself Especially if you have diabetes do I Have gum disease and how do I know well The difficult thing about it is you Don’t always know sometimes you can get Some hints that you might have gum Disease you may notice things such as Teeth becoming a little bit looser or Looking a little bit longer that is Recession of the gums where the gums Kind of shrink away from the teeth a Little bit and the teeth look a little Longer that’s part of the gum disease Process that you can see sometimes if You’ve got diabetes and maybe if your if Your blood sugar control isn’t quite as As as good as it should be you might Even notice a little more problems with Infections sometimes the gums can be Sore or swollen or you might even see a Little more bleeding when you brush your Teeth and those are those are pretty Good signs that you ought to see the Dentist and get them to have a look and See if there’s anything more going on For you relative to gum disease

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