6 Benefits Of Walking To Boost Your Health

While most of the benefits of walking are physically health-related, there are some mental benefits of walking too. Here are 6 benefits of walking to improve your health.

How To Choose A Chiropractic Care Services Near You

Most of us have experienced muscle pains from different parts of our body at least once in our life. Back pains, neck pains, joint pains, headaches are just some of the examples. The most common method of relieving these muscular ailments is through the use pain relievers or muscle relaxants. Another way of curing yourself from these pains is to undergo chiropractic treatment.

The History of the CT Scan

The CT scan is a helpful diagnostic tool for many soft tissue or bone structure injuries and diseases. Since its introduction in the 1970’s, significant improvements to this technology have made for a better experience and more accurate analysis.

What to Expect With an MRI

Your physician may order an MRI to diagnose an illness. Learn what to expect before the procedure.

Unintended Consequences At The Bar

Some bars encourage smoking, not drinking. This is good public policy?

Tips For Preventing Colds and Flu In Children

The flu is very common among children. A lot of children also suffer from a cold for a large part of their childhood. Even though you may be used to experiencing your child getting the flu a few times a year, it is good to try and prevent these illnesses from occurring too often. Here are some ways to make your child healthy and prevent colds and flu.

How to Increase Your Clinic’s Income Without the Need for New Patients

Most practitioners spend too much money on advertising and are not retaining patients, because they don’t know how to ‘hang on’ to patients long enough to see them through a course of required treatment. This article looks at how to increase your average number of visits per patient and how this will help both your patient and your bottom line.

Getting Fit Over Fifty

We know we’re supposed to exercise. A lot of us haven’t been in the habit. What’s the best way to get fit over fifty?

Ketogenic Diet for Treating Epilepsy?

This type of diet is a treatment that can be used as an alternative for epilepsy. It has proven to be very useful in the case of the kids who cannot take multiple medications against seizures. This diet is connected to many theories that have their roots in the ancient medicine, which promotes the advantages of starvation.

What Is This Hype About HGH or Human Growth Hormone?

This article tackles the important issues on HGH. Some positive and negative effects have also been cited.

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