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Importance Of A Good Posture and How You Can Improve It

The posture of a person is the way they hold their body, right from when they are standing to when the sit somewhere or sleep. A good posture will be the best way to put as little pressure as possible on your spine as well as on the muscles and ligaments that support the area.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle Today

Bad lifestyle choices impacts health negatively. Correction of lifestyle choices leads to good health.

Health Benefits of Grounding

Had you observed how children love to play walking on barefoot, playing with sand or water, or just running around without their clothes on? Though unaware, children might have this unconscious ability to establish a link with the nature’s resources, making them a passive receiver of the grounding. But what really is grounding? Here, we are going to discuss on what grounding is all about and how it can affect our body, especially our health.

The Difference Between Good Doctors and GREAT Doctors

What characteristics separate good physicians from the truly great physicians? I asked a few doctors, nurses, and health care professionals to weigh in.

Dehydration – IV Fluid Replacement

Dehydration occurs when the body suffers from a lack of fluids. A lot of people associate this condition with summer and the heat but the truth is that a person can get dehydrated at any time of the year. Those who exercise a lot are at a higher risk of getting dehydrated due to excessive perspiration.

Your Radiation Exposure and Top Protection Strategy

You might think you’re safe from nuclear radiation. Here’s why that might be a false assumption, and how to use the top protective strategy experts recommend…

Easy Tips To Stay Healthy in Your Office Job

Sitting all day? Not getting enough enough sun? Consuming too much of the bad stuff to get through the day? Yep. We’re all guilty. But do we realize the negative long term effects of our actions today? Read on for some easy tips to ensure a healthier lifestyle in the office for beneficial long term benefits.

Ways to Improve Your Health

Without health, we are like a car without a fuel. Health should always be kept the top most priority no matter what you do or what you earn. Without health every other thing of this world is useless. But most of the people compromise on health, and when they see the consequences sometimes it is already too late.

Anal Fissure Surgery

An anal fissure is a tear in the skin around the opening of the anus (the last part of the digestive tract that controls the removal of stools). It is associated with pain and bleeding during bowel movements. The condition is more common in young infants but it can happen at any age.

Stoma Type Spotlight: Colostomy

There are three types of surgeries which can result in a stoma. A stoma is an opening from the patient’s urinary or digestive system which has been brought to the surface of the abdomen.

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