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Alcohol and Your Health and Fitness Goals

We have all heard health organisations and fitness trainers give cautionary warnings about the effects of alcohol on our health and fitness. If your goal is weight loss then alcohol is counter-productive to your goal.

Yoga Teacher Training Online: Assess Your Skills To Become A Yoga Instructor

Before signing up for yoga teacher training online, it’s important to evaluate the skills that are required to become a teacher, and ensure that there’s proper preparation for the reality of training to be a yoga instructor. While a person…

Chiropractic Care of Students

Back-to-school can be a dreaded and stressful time for parents and students. Learn how chiropractic care can be benefit your family when it comes to reducing stress and beginning a successful school year.

Early to Bed Adds Up to Good Health

Now when I started this article the other day it was late—too late to chat about sleep deprivation. I just couldn’t give advice when I was absolutely doing the opposite. I went to bed. In what seemed like a few minutes I was awakened. It was not the alarm but a phone call at 4 a.m. from a family member locked out of their house!! How ironic is that? I go to bed to get some sleep and end up awake and on the road to take a set of house keys to someone. It was probably sleep deprivation that caused her to forget the keys.

Diet or Exercise for Weight Loss

Combine exercise with diet for long lasting weight loss Whether the goal is to look and feel better or to improve health, many people want to lose weight. Until someone invents a magic pill, healthy weight loss comes from changing diet and exercise habits. But what happens when one diets without exercising, or exercises without eating well?

How’s Your Emotional Life? Take This Pop Quiz to Find Out

It’s been scientifically proven that your inner, emotional life determines your outer life actions and outcomes. Take this pop quiz to find out how yours is doing…

Matcha Green Tea Powder the New Healthy Coffee Alternative

Why has Matcha become a popular alternative to coffee in the western world? It could be the taste and the health benefits, one thing is for sure, Matcha is here to stay.

The Dentist Is Comedy Gold for Generation X

For Generation Xers, the dentist is a sacred component of the situation comedy. Dental professionals figure prominently in popular television sitcoms and stand-up comedy from earlier decades.

Death From Medical Mistakes and Corruption in the Health Industry

Are deaths from medical mistakes THE biggest cause of death and suffering? Every time deaths from medical mistakes (or deaths from medicine) are re-estimated, taking other factors into consideration the figure increases. Will we ever get a true figure?

Foot Doctor FAQs

Until they need to visit a doctor that specializes in feet and ankle problems, most patients don’t know much about what a podiatrist or a foot doctor is, or what they do. These FAQs can help clear up some of the common questions many people have about foot doctors.

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