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Breaking the Stress Cycle

Your boss is getting on your nerves. You have to get a project finished, but the phone keeps ringing. You still have not met the right person to marry to have the children you want so badly, or you have children that are so bad you hardly want them. Your car breaks down; your bills are piling up; your in-laws are coming to dinner; your mother says she never sees you anymore; you are overwhelmed by your cholesterol count, your sodium intake, your sugar intake, and your fat intake.

CPR for Dysfunctional Workplace Cultures – And Why You Should Never Name a Restaurant “Heimlich’s

Many years ago my wife and I were attending a small wedding rehearsal dinner at a popular local restaurant. The groom suddenly stopped eating, looked wide-eyed, and displayed all the symptoms of having his windpipe plugged. He couldn’t even breathe in to make a noise. A couple nearby people tried to assist him but with no result.

Benefits Of Apple

Its all about Apple and its benefits on human health. This article will tell you why its is said that apple keeps us healthy and fresh.How its different component help against number of disease.

18 Symptoms of Protein Deficiency

Our culture has become obsessed with consuming protein for muscle mass gain and for losing weight. This means few of us are skimping on the stuff but, despite our national preoccupation with protein, some of us are still at risk of protein deficiency-namely vegetarians or people who tend to under-eat. The problem is, it can be tricky to identify what is considered “not enough” protein since the recommended intake spans a broad range, rather than one hard number. For somebody is eating a 2,000-calorie diet, enough protein could be between 50 grams to 150 grams of protein per day. Activity level and weight influence your ideal protein intake.

Mitral Valve Prolapse Symptoms and The Number 1 Cause of It!

A mitral valve prolapse can be a deadly disease. This video shares the symptoms of it and the number 1 cause on how someone gets it.

The Simple Steps for Becoming Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nurse are also known as mental health nurse practitioners and they are advanced practice nurses who look after the patients with mental health disorders. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating the patients with mental illnesses and sometime they also act as counselors or educators for patients and their families.

Busting Through Common Myths on the Quest for Flat Abs

Training your core, the part of your body that connects your arms to your legs, has become a major focus in fitness. A strong core will improve your balance, posture, overall strength, and athletic ability. However, the physiology behind effective core training has been lost in bustle of machines, fad fitness programs and infomercials which promise a trim waist and perky backside with 4 easy payments of $19.

Understand Your Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common condition that affects nearly forty percent of women and twenty-five percent of men. The condition is basically the pooling of blood due to damaged valves in the venous structures themselves.

Cancer Treatment and Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

… Both doctors and patients alike have used these pioneered natural cancer treatments with great effect but the saddest thing is that most people are not getting informed. For example, there’s the cancer therapy developed by Ernst Krebs, Harold Manner and their contemporaries…

How to Achieve Success Selling Raspberry Ketone Drops

Raspberry ketone drops are growing in popularity as a top weight loss supplement throughout the world. With obesity figures rising by the day, more adults are turning to supplements to achieve their weight loss results.

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