How To Clean Your Toothbrush and Tongue Scraper

How can i keep these clean Quick answer if you’re sick throw it out And get a new one and also every three Months you should be switching them out As well hi everyone my name is whitney And i’m a dental hygienist here to talk About keeping your toothbrushes and Tongue scrapers clean and like i just Said you are supposed to change it out Every three months and every time you’re Sick but what about daily is there Anything else you can be doing to help Keep your toothbrushes and tongue Scrapers clean daily let’s start with Toothbrushes to be honest simply rinsing Your toothbrush really well and allowing It to air dry in an upright position is Fine for an everyday use as long as You’re switching it out every three Months and or if you’re sick but if you Want to go above and beyond with keeping Your toothbrush clean it can’t hurt to Sanitize it once a week some people even Like to sanitize it daily how to Sanitize it rinse with hot water hot Water helps to kill germs so you can try To rinse your toothbrush with super Steamy tap water after every use to Flush away and kill whatever is already Lurking between your bristles then shake Out as much of the water as you can and Store it upright soak in antimicrobial Mouthwash antimicrobial or antibacterial Mouthwash helps kill germs inside and

Outside of your mouth so you can Consider leaving the toothbrush head Down in a cup of mouthwash for 30 Minutes and then setting it up to air Dry denture cleaner effervescent denture Cleaner is great for dentures of course But you can also use this to soak your Toothbrush in as well let it sit in the Cleanser for about half an hour or Whatever the directions say then rinse It off and allow it to air dry diy Disinfectants if you want a super Affordable option for cleaning your Toothbrush you can always try cleaning It with distilled vinegar or you can Also try soaking in hydrogen peroxide Overnight then allowing it to air dry The next day and now what about electric Toothbrush heads can you do the same Thing if it’s removable then yes but if It’s permanently attached to the handle Most of the times no always check the Packaging to confirm next up tongue Scrapers tongue scraping devices are Generally made out of plastic or metal The plastic ones can be cleaned just Like a toothbrush or toothbrush head all The stuff we just went over hot water Antimicrobial mouthwash denture cleaners And vinegar or peroxide and you should Still change them out every three months And or if you’re sick as for the metal Ones all those same things can keep them Extra clean however the one thing that’s

Different with the metal ones is that Some are actually dishwasher safe which Makes them last even longer since you Can properly clean them with high heat The metal ones can technically last you Years assuming they don’t get bent or Warped and one more thing before we go Let’s talk about uv sanitizers lots of People ask about these and here’s the Scoop what they do is they essentially Expose the toothbrush head to uv light To decontaminate the bristles they can Be used daily or weekly however research Studies have shown that certain types of Bacteria are more susceptible to uv Disinfection machines than other types Of microbial strains so what that means Is if you want to use a uv sanitizer That’s fine but you should use it only After disinfecting your toothbrush with One of the rinses or the other processes We talked about earlier so you can Really get rid of all the types of Microbes so uv is more of an additive Thing it doesn’t really replace the hot Water mouthwash denture cleaner vinegar Peroxide steps but again if you’re a Germaphobe investing in a uv toothbrush Sanitizer can’t hurt it can only help But you still need to change out your Toothbrush every three months i hope This video helped you let me know in the Comments below if you already have a Routine toothbrush sanitizing strategy

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