THE BEST TOOTHPASTE! For Whitening, Sensitivity & Gum Disease

Hi i’m dr joe nemeth i’m a periodontist In southfield michigan Thought i’d talk a little bit about Different toothpastes today So you name the problem it’s got a Toothpaste to supposedly take care of it So we have charcoal toothpaste Which i did a separate video on And the charcoal toothpaste as research Shows really it doesn’t do anything more It looks like it should do something but It really doesn’t other than it’s highly Abrasive most of the charcoal Toothpastes are highly abrasive which Means it can cause tooth wear or Notching Of the Teeth i have nothing positive to say About charcoal toothpaste unless they Have other ingredients added to them It’s not the charcoal that does anything A lot of toothpastes now have stannous Fluoride in them Like peridontics colgate total has Changed their main ingredient which Got a lot of negative press because i It had a Ingredient which long term actually Could cause major problems because it Killed all the bacteria that or many of The bacteria that were beneficial in the Mouth and now i think they’re using Stannous fluoride instead But stannous fluoride itself can be

Dangerous there is a warning you want to Keep this out of reach Of children who are under 12 years Because if they swallow too much of this If they brush their teeth but somehow Swallow it You’re told to call the poison control Center right away so stannous fluoride Is effective in killing certain bacteria But if you swallow it or children Swallow it it can be toxic Let me tell you about the toothpaste That i use I don’t use toothpaste i don’t use any Toothpaste at all There is a study showing that Brushing without toothpaste is just as Effective as using toothpaste unless There’s some unusual special condition Almost all toothpaste is somewhat Abrasive and so if it’s abrasive and you Brush frequently enough or you have a Harder toothbrush you actually can wear Away The enamel In the tooth or on the tooth and you can Get gum recession you can get notching Or cutting into the tooth surface so I do not use any toothpaste and i think For many people toothpaste is not Truly necessary it’s really about the Thoroughness of the cleaning you can Clean with toothpaste and you can clean Without toothpaste and unless you have

Some special problem Like root sensitivity or very dark teeth That you want whitened i think many of These toothpastes are superfluous and May have a problem because of the Abrasiveness or the toxicity i think Frequently toothpaste isn’t necessary Just brushing thoroughly cleaning Thoroughly between your teeth With floss although i like Small Picks or brushes that clean even more Thoroughly and stimulate the tissue Between the teeth And as i said the water pick very very Important I have developed what’s called a perio Mix Which for my periodontal patients and Many of our patients here who come in For regular cleanings i suggest because It’s got Ingredients in it that we feel are very Helpful in controlling periodontal Disease and it’s a powder that We suggest our patients use uh when They’re doing their cleaning between the Teeth And by the way sometimes patients have a Lot of sensitivity and this is a Prescription item called prevalent 5000 And we might suggest this for patients It is by prescription And it can be used to brush and then

Sometimes if the teeth are really Sensitive after brushing One can take a little bit on a q-tip or On your finger and just Smear it on those sensitive root Surfaces and let it dissolve At any rate all of these toothpastes Have a degree of abrasiveness Because abrasiveness is very very Important and underrated by most people They don’t even think about it they just Think gee it feels good my mouth feels Fresh and they don’t think about the Damage actually it can be causing Including possible gum recession or Actually cutting away tooth structure Depending on the frequency and the Abrasiveness Of the toothpaste or tooth powder that You’re using so anyway take good care of Your mouth it’ll help Prevent effects from covid should you Get it And also minimize your chance of even Getting it Keep your mouth healthy if your mouth is Healthy i guarantee your body will be Healthier Subscribe to our youtube channel and If you are Want to be notified there’s a bell that You can click so You’ll get notified every time we do a Youtube video we’d love to hear from you

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