GLO Science GLO Brilliant 3 Pack Teeth Whitening Gel Treatment Kit for Fast, Pain-Free, Long Lasting

A three-day teeth whitening treatment That instantly erases stains and whitens Teeth with no strips no trays no mess And no sensitivity include three Whitening glow vials 12 applications Easily whitens teeth and removes stains At home or on the go No strips no trays no sensitivity Brush thin layer on top and bottom teeth Fronts only Gel penetrates and evaporates no need to Rinse Sensitivity free Refreshing mint flavor Made in the USA Recyclable Vegan cruelty free gluten-free Patented technology Vial contains six percent hydrogen Peroxide With glovials you can get a brighter Whiter smile anytime anywhere Pocket-sized portable and take seconds To apply Top reviews from the United States Works This is my second purchase it’s a bit Pricey but these do work It suggested that I use for three days But the first day I can tell the Difference already one thing I don’t Like is that you have to really squeeze Out the product I end up taking the top apart so I can

Get all the product out from the bottom Wish they made it easier to squeeze out [Music] Foreign

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