Teeth Whitening Home Remedies & DIY Hacks (Fast, Natural, & Affordable White Teeth)

What are the quickest and cheapest ways To naturally whiten teeth at home Hi everyone my name is whitney and i’m a Dental hygienist here to tell you that There are no legitimate quick cheap Natural diy do-it-yourself whitening Methods at home but before you click off Hear me out if the so-called natural Whitening hacks you’ve read about or Heard about online sound too good to be True they probably are too good to be True i mean really if there was one Perfect solution having white teeth Where it’s cheap and natural and quick Lots of variables don’t you think that If it existed then everyone would do it So i hate to be negative and just be Debunking everything so instead i’ll Give you some tips and tricks for the Best ways to have natural affordable White teeth there’s not one quick fix But all of these things really help a Lot stop eating and drinking stain Causing foods like coffee tea wine Blueberries pasta sauce etc and if you Do indulge after indulging drink water And swish it around your mouth this will Help reduce the contact time those foods And drinks sit on your teeth stop Smoking that’s a no-brainer smoking Causes deep teeth stains use a whitening Toothpaste they can be super affordable They don’t remove existing stains on Your teeth but they do help reduce new

Stains from forming and don’t believe Whitening myths on tick-tock not only do Most of them not work they can actually Be super detrimental to your teeth Because diy whitening methods don’t have Any research to go along with them Nothing is showing their efficacy and Safety meaning they can damage your Tooth enamel without you knowing since They haven’t been properly studied so if You want to whiten your teeth fast the Fastest and safest way is in office Whitening at your dental office but it Is going to be expensive because you get What you pay for right and the most Affordable and the safest way to whiten Your teeth is with white strips you can Buy these at the store over the counter They work they just take time so they Aren’t quick but they are affordable so To find something that is both cheap and Fast is not going to happen anytime soon And natural is a whole other variable if You’re looking for natural there’s Nothing natural about white teeth right So even if you think baking soda and Peroxide and all that is natural it’s Not i do have videos all about each of Those whitening methods which i will Link in the description box if you’d Like to learn more about those but Before we go just be aware that tooth Enamel does not grow back so if you Damage it trying to whiten diy stuff at

Home that’s it it’s damaged so be Cautious be careful don’t believe Whitening myths stop putting weird Things on your teeth thinking it will Whiten them or call it natural just Because it’s a natural product just Because it’s a natural product that Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s natural For your teeth right there’s nothing Natural about whitening teeth but there Are safe ways to do it so i’ll link all My videos below if you want to learn More i hope this video helped you please Like subscribe and turn on your Notifications if it did and if you want More teeth talk you can also visit my Website seetargle.com and hang out with Me on instagram at deep dog girl peace Love auntie [Music] You

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