5 Best Ways to Treat Swollen Bleeding Gums Instantly

Treat Swollen Bleeding Gums: Healthy gums help to maintain your lovely smiles. Gums are the teeth, supporting structure that holds them in place and acts as the barrier for bacteria. Without the gums, the bacteria and the food debris will go into the deeper part of teeth.

Common questions:

How can swollen gums be treated
Is a swollen gum serious
Why is one part of my gum very swollen
Will a swollen gum go away

Some people observe little blood on the brush, while brushing the teeth or after eating something hard and solid. This can be because of gum disease. Today we are going to discuss about bleeding gums nowadays, this problem is increasing and it is found that it is more in children and youngsters because of the wrong food habit and lack of hygiene of oral mouth.

The food we eat specially sugary, as well as food that sticks to your teeth like milk, honey, soda sugar, cakes, cookies, dry fruits and chips they get collected on the tooth enamel if they are not cleaned properly.

The bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar and starchy foods. These bacteria produces acid that forms plaque on the gums over time. Plaque and tarter irritate the gum causing gum inflammation around the base of teeth.

This would make the gums weak and they might bleed easily gum. Bleeding could be due to majority of other reasons like gingivitis, a disease which causes inflammation of gum not brushing twice daily, using a toothbrush that is too hard and stiff using old and worn out tooth brush, which doesn’t do the purpose of brushing at all and condition.

Like diabetes and lukemia, even though gum bleeding sounds alarming, but it could be treated in the early stages very well and we could always prevent these problems. Actually, you should always begin with preventive methods to avoid bleeding gums, I would share some effective technique to see that the gums stop bleeding 1 ) Gargle with triphala water.

Triphala herb is a very effective herb which definitely helps in bleeding gums, as well as gingivitis. Astringent property in triphla is effective in stopping bleeding gargling with triphla kadha 2 – 3 times in a day would stop bleeding and really prevent.

Gingivitis. Add 1 tspn full of triphla powder in a glass of hot water. Let it stay for 5 min, let the triphla settle down and then strain the water and gargle when it is at body temperature. You can get this triphla powder in any avyurvedic store very easily.

2 ) Apply clove oil, one of the very effective treatment for bleeding gums is clove oil. Rub few drops of clove oil with finger massage it on your gums or take 2 cloves everyday. Sometimes it may cause little burning sensation, but it would significantly release the inflammation 3 ) Increase, vit C intake.

Increasing the the intake of vit c will definitely reduce gum bleeding so add citrus fruits, like oranges, sweetlime, kiwi, even pineapple, and the main is amla and also add berries, raspberries and blue berries.

In your life, 4 ) Apply turmeric paste infection either in the tooth or gums may cause gum bleeding. You can take little honey, put turmeric and make paste out of it and rub that on your gums as well as tooth.

This would help relieve the symptoms of gingivitis and gums. Turmeric has natural anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. 5 ) Eat. Crunchy vegetables like celery and carrot will keep your teeth healthy.

The crunchiness will help removal of food residue in between your teeth. They have low sugar and carb and that’s why they are much much more healthy for our teeth. 6 ) Hygiene practises most of the oral problems could be solved because of simple hygiene practises.

This includes not just brushing, but also rinsing your mouth after brushing, moving finger on the gums and massaging gums is most important, swish drinking water in your mouth 4, 5 times after you finish your food.

You can also gargle with warm salt water to prevent inflammation and infection. Neem twigs are another effective solution to prevent gum problems, chew a fresh neem, twig, chew it well make it into brush form, brush it and then gargle.

This would really help in preventing all oral problems. 7 ), Gandush or oil pulling is an age old technique. This technique will help to clean the mouth and remove the plaque which otherwise can bother you.

You can either use sesame oil, coconut oil or even powdered sesame. Mixed with lukewarm water, hold this oil or lukewarm water and swish around in your mouth for 2-, 3 mins, throw it out and wash your mouth with fresh water.

Apart from this excellent techniques, you must see that the tooth brush that you are using is a right type. It should not be a hard tooth brush, it should be medium or better soft tooth brush and always see that you change your brush atleast once in a month and carry on you have a better oral hygiene children when they eat something like chocolates or something which Is very sticky even after brushing their teeth remains unhygienic, so better.

You should tell children that, after eating chocolate or anything, you should eat a handful of gram, roasted gram, chana or chew it up or eat something like a carrot, eat the slice of carrot and chew.

It up, and that would help clean the teeth, as well as gums, so take care of all these things. These are all simple, practical techniques which you can very easily apply into your life and prevent oral problems.

Take care of yourself. You are responsible for your health. Nobody else so try and keep healthy and smile well.

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