Oral Health Video 5: Diabetes & Gum Disease

Tooth wisdom featuring dr. Katina Morelli DDS dental director for delta Dental of Illinois brought to you by Delta dental of Illinois according to The American Diabetes Association more Than 25 million adults and children in Our country suffer from diabetes perhaps Even more surprising approximately seven Million more than twenty seven percent Of these individuals are unaware that They have the disease as their condition Remains undiagnosed in the fight against This pervasive disease dentists play an Integral role both in diagnosing the Disease and helping patients manage the Condition the symptoms of diabetes can Be so subtle that a person may not even Recognize the presence of the condition Dental professionals however are trained To look for these symptoms one of which Is gum disease also known as periodontal Disease people with diabetes often Experience problems with their teeth and Gums because of their abnormally high Glucose levels which can allow bacteria To thrive if your dentist suspects the Diabetes may be contributing to your Periodontal disease he or she will Likely ask you about your medical History and then refer you to your Physician periodontal disease is an Infection of the gums and bone any kind Of infection can make controlling Diabetes more difficult furthermore

Diabetes reduces the body’s ability to Fight infection as a result the Relationship between the two conditions Can form a vicious cycle Research suggests that diabetics with Gum disease who get their teeth Professionally cleaned four times a year Significantly improve their blood sugar Levels unfortunately diabetes can also Trigger other oral health problems such As dry mouth which can cause tooth decay People who have their diabetes under Control however are less likely to Experience tooth loss diabetes is a Chronic illness that can lead to serious Complications including blindness kidney Damage heart disease lower limb Amputations and premature death while It’s important for everyone to visit Their dentist regularly for those with Diabetes managing gum disease can be Incredibly important to keep you blood Sugar levels under control and avoiding Further medical complications truly a Patient’s dentist and physician both Play critical roles in diagnosing and Managing diabetes this has been a Presentation by delta dental of illinois For more oral health information visit Us online Delta Dental our wisdom is Teeth

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