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What are the warning signs of gum disease

The roots of your teeth are meant to be covered. Yes, the roots of your teeth are meant to be covered. They should not be left free in the oral cavity. They have been designed to be protected. The moment they are exposed.

They start causing issues such as sensitivity and then root surfaces are very, very prone to decay, once they’re exposed in the oral cavity.

This week i am going to be discussing the warning signs of gum disease, so you know there are many articles and many resources about gum disease. But what exactly should you be looking out for with regards to gum disease? What are the warning signs? What should you pick up early now with gum disease? The bad thing is it’s like a silent killer, it’s not painful, so you can have it for a really long time, you’re not going to be getting hurt, but something is definitely going to be going on.

So we really need to be cautious about the warning signs we are going to discuss today because in as much as we’re saying gum disease is silent, it cannot camouflage, it cannot hide. So we are going to be discussing seven key points that we use, even as clinicians to check on the health of your gum.

So the first thing is normally bleeding now bleeding gums are not healthy, like gums should not bleed. Some people come to the clinic and they’re, like my gums, have been bleeding for like the longest time, but that is actually not a good thing bleeding with your gums is like a cry for help from your gums.

It is normally actually like the earliest sign of gingivitis before your gum actually becomes inflamed or swollen there is going to be bleeding bleeding may occur either spontaneously or upon provocation or induction.

The one that happens spontaneously is of more concern to us because, most of the times, it’s normally caused by systemic factors like platelet deficiencies and other genetic conditions. So it’s actually something alarming if your gums are bleeding spontaneously.

Kindly make sure that you consult your dentist now when we talk about bleeding upon provocation, that just means either you’re brushing your teeth and then you speed and you see blood or when you go to your dentist and they check they use something or we use something Called a probe so when we check um when we’re checking the health of your gums, we use that probe.

So if we put that probe in the sulcus remember, we said the sarcasm: that area between the tooth and the gum there’s that space there. That’S what i’m referring to as the sarcaste. So when the probe goes in the sarcasm and there’s bleeding, then there’s an issue there.

Now there are very very many things that may cause your gum to bleed and we’ve said the major one is normally inflammation and the things that cause inflammation are like, like 20 they’re, like so many but most of the times your gum is inflamed as a result Of plaque plaque is the number one reason of gingivitis, so everyone has some type of gingivitis or some level of gingivitis, because we said we are never achieving a hundred percent efficacy during brushing.

So there’s only some plaque here and there, so your gum may be swollen here and there, but it should not be bleeding, but that’s basically one of the major reason that causes gingivitis plaque. Now i don’t want on this episode to like really go into gingivitis, because it’s like a whole topic on its own, but it’s important to recognize that gingivitis would appear fast as bleeding i’m going to emphasize that point.

Bleeding is a sign of gingivitis now other things that may cause bleeding in your oral cavity may be things like. Maybe you’ve had a feeling done and there’s something called an overhang when a feeling is done on your tooth.

If this is your tooth – and this is the feeling it should be flush, there should be no step nothing there. When there’s a step, we call it an overhang because then, as we discussed on the previous episode, we do not want anything.

That is rough on your tooth surface, so whenever there’s an overhang, this may also cause for your gums to bleed another very common thing that may cause bleeding. Of course, in your gums is probably trauma so maybe you’re eating and when we say trauma i know people think of it as something huge do.

My part, a car accident or something like that, but you know trauma in the oral cavity, could be something really small. Like you’re eating, popcorns or crepes, and then they just you, know kind of like go into your gums.

That is a type of trauma and it may cause your gums to bleed. But bleeding, basically, as we’ve said, is not a good sign. It is a sign of gum disease. Let me go to the next point. Otherwise, i’m going to spend the whole time just talking about gingivitis, but we will definitely look for a session and just discuss gingivitis on its own or gum inflammation or enlargement.

A whole topic on its own. Another thing you should be on the lookout for with regards to gum disease is color change. Now, normally the gums are a healthy kind of like pinkish red, but during gum disease they change color and they become it’s like they become angry.

They become dark red, that’s not a healthy color. Another thing that may be happening in your mouth is something we refer to as physiologic pigmentation. This is a normal thing. I think i’ve had about like five patients coming in and they’re, like my gums are black, but we are africans physiologically.

We have melanine and all that so that contributes towards that that black, i don’t even think my gums are red. Are they red, i think mine, have that black and it’s okay? It’S okay! For us, if you’re people of color to actually have that pigmentation on your gums, but sometimes you may have some pigmentation as a result of something else like a heavy metal such as amalgam.

Amalgam is a type of feeling within dentistry, so that’s also a sign. You may gum disease may develop from there because your gum is going to be irritated as a result of that if the amalgam is leaking and that those little particles getting into the gum, you may notice that your gums are becoming.

We call it amalgam blues. So your gum is becoming sort of bluish, darkish yeah, so color change is a thing that you also need to be on the lookout. For another thing we need to be on the lookout, for is the consistency of our gums.

Our gums ideally, are like firm. They are not smooshy or squashy they’re like farm, especially the top part. Now the gum has two different portions there’s like the attached portion of the gum and the part at the bottom.

Let’S try and see over here yeah. This may not be a very good demonstration, but it’s like normally around up to this point here where the gum is attached. So when you touch it, it’s very firm, it doesn’t feel fluctuant or soft.

Fluctuant is like, when you put when you put water in a balloon, and then you squeeze it, that’s fluctuant farm. You want it to be like like pressing on a not a table, a very hard table, but something like a chair that is not very spongy.

So it’s farm, not squashy, so you need to always look out for the consistency of your gum. Another thing you need to be on the lookout for is the texture. Now your gum ideally should be a smooth, not not very smooth.

It has an appearance. We call it an orange peel appearance or a stippling appearance if they, if you actually dry your gum, you’ll notice that it looks like it has very tiny dots around there and that is healthy gum.

But if you dry your garment, you notice that it’s just smooth and shiny. Then that means that that gum is edematous or it’s swollen, there’s something that is happening in that gum. So look out. Look at the texture of your gums.

I think every i normally advise that you get a mirror. If you don’t have one in your house and when you’re brushing you need to look at your oral cavity. It’S not anything to be embarrassed about like when you’re brushing make sure you brush properly.

The way we discussed have a look at your oral cavity, see how your gums are doing once in a while. You know rinse your hands and just try and go around your teeth and and check. Is there any place you’re feeling tenderness? Is there any place? That is not okay.

We need to be a bit aware about that. Something else we need to be checking is the position of your gum. Now your gum should cover it should come up to. We normally say close to the junction between the top part, which is the crown and the root your gum should be reaching that point.

Sometimes this position changes. It goes lower in some people and in some people it goes higher when it’s going higher, then it means that your gum is enlarged, and that is something for you to be concerned about when it’s going lower.

We call it recession, gum recession, and it’s also something that you need to be worried about. The roots of your teeth are meant to be covered. Yes, the roots of your teeth are meant to be covered. They should not be left free in the oral cavity.

They have been designed to be protected the moment they are exposed. They start causing issues such as sensitivity and then root surfaces are very, very prone to decay, once they’re exposed in the oral cavity.

So we need to be cautious if you notice that your teeth are looking a tad bit longer or a tad bit shorter than they’re supposed to be definitely something to be worried about i’m on the last point now the next thing you should be on the lookout For is the contour of your gum.

Contour is just there the way it’s shaped. It’S like scalloped very evenly and very nicely. I’M sure you are seeing in the photos we are going. We are projecting a very nice scalloped. You know appearance the moment.

You notice that your gum is having bumpy areas or you know it’s not evenly scalloped as it used to be, then there’s definitely a problem most of the times they’re like lesions lesions, are just like um swellings.

That start from the gum – and this may affect the natural contour of the teeth, of course, in terms of contour, we would also mix with the position because then, if there is recession, then there’s also in contour or the normal scalloping of the gum.

For me, these are like the seven things that we will look at even clinically when we’re examining patients to check for the health of your gum. It’S important that you also do this for yourself and you can do this even for your children, if you’re checking on their health on the health of their gum, so that you can, you know, um, be more on the lookout for any change.

Are probiotics great for teeth and also gums

Probiotics are bacteria (primarily microorganisms) that provide advantages to people– from the prevention of bad breath and also tooth cavities to improved periodontal wellness

There is no proof of cracks or cavities, despite the fact that toothpaste, brushes, and also dental practitioners were nonexistent at that time. These are the teeth of a 45-year-old client who brushes everyday, never misses a dental practitioner appointment, as well as only eats desserts on celebration. How can teeth thrive for thousands of years outside of the mouth, covered in dust and worms, while in the mouth they obtain messed up? I can inform you now: it’s not genetics or just how healthy you are.

Exist any side effects of dental probiotics

This has nothing to do with your diet. It has whatever to do with something you make use of on a daily basis. You may assume it is keeping you risk-free as well as healthy, however it is in fact creating damage to your teeth. It can bring about discomfort, inflammation, as well as infections. It can also create allergic reactions, clogged up sinuses, migraines, as well as digestive tract concerns. As soon as you figure out what it is, you can take steps to improve your oral health.

Why Probiotics are the Future of Oral Health

I’m so glad I located Prodentim, not only does it make my teeth really feel added tidy, yet my gum tissues do not hurt anymore and also my breath is so much fresher. I would most definitely recommend it to anybody that is looking for a good toothpaste that actually works.

How Can I Cure Gum Disease

I currently have a brand-new collection of teeth as well as periodontals, thanks to Dr. Drew. I wasn’t certain concerning his methods at first, however I made a decision to give them a try. I’m so glad I did!

How long do oral probiotics require to work

I began taking probiotics for my digestive tract as well as within a few days I saw an adjustment. I’m going to keep taking them to see what else they do for me.

When should you take a probiotic tablet

Probiotics are most reliable when handled a vacant belly. Taking probiotics a minimum of 30 mins prior to a meal will reduce the time it considers the excellent germs to get to your digestive tract. Probiotics are nutritional supplements including valuable bacteria naturally occurring in your intestinal system

Should I Take Dental Probiotics for Gingivitis & Periodontitis

I’ve just been doing this for two weeks and also I can inform it’s assisting because my gum tissues do not hemorrhage anymore.

After making use of the item for 2 weeks, my gums stopped hemorrhaging and also the pain vanished. My teeth additionally stopped moving. I am really delighted with the outcomes and also would certainly advise this product to any individual struggling with periodontal disease.

I was so miserable with my teeth that I was afraid to eat. My medical professional told me that I needed to obtain dentures or implants. I was surprised that Dr. Drew’s method conserved me from all that torment.

Prior to we proceed, let’s address the evident concern. If you’re like most of my customers, you’ve probably listened to all the guarantees before and also attempted most of the so-called options, such as deep oral cleansing as well as scaling, antibiotics, fillings and also origin canals, or even gum tissue grafts.

Are dental/oral probiotics right for you

There are a number of things you can do to enhance your periodontal health without resorting to surgery or pricey supplements. You ought to additionally floss routinely to remove plaque and microorganisms from in between your teeth.

The services I’m discussing are not a nonstop cycle of discomfort and frustration. They’re unique as well as unlike anything you’ve ever before seen or come across in the past.

What does probiotic tablets provide for your body

Probiotics are comprised of excellent germs that helps maintain your body healthy and balanced and also functioning well. This excellent microorganisms aids you in numerous means, consisting of combating bad microorganisms when you have too much of it, helping you really feel better

Prodentim is based on actual science and has been proven effective in various clinical tests as well as researches. It is a reliable and also safe method to improve your gum tissue health and re-mineralize your teeth. This product is backed by several international clinical studies from appreciated magazines as well as colleges, so you can be certain that you are spending your money on a quality item that will supply results.

Gum disease can have a major effect on your life, triggering pain, isolation, and also shame. This video clip will reveal you just how to transform your teeth and your smile, despite how much time you’ve been dealing with dental issues.

Say Goodbye to Bad Breath with our Patented Blend of Oral-Care Probiotics

I believe there is a basic solution to gum condition and dental caries that is so effective it will transform your life for life, similar to it has for numerous various other Americans. Visualize say goodbye to swollen blood loss periodontals or blood taste in your mouth, say goodbye to throbbing pain as well as foul-smelling breath.

Do dental probiotics actually function

Primarily, this suggests that there is a new way to handle tooth discomfort that is much more effective and more economical than what is currently available. This new technique will with any luck aid people to stay clear of serious infections and also the demand for pain relievers.

Being able to have a Hollywood smile without requiring to see a dentist or invest any kind of cash on oral treatment is a fantastic means to improve your confidence. When you attempt to kiss or hug them, you can ultimately be proud of your smile as well as never have to fret concerning your buddies or household transforming away from you.

Our ancestors had better teeth than us because they really did not clean their teeth or most likely to the dentist.

The primary hidden gum as well as teeth destroyer is most typically found to be the at-home early morning test. This examination can aid to promptly inspect if the culprit lags your oral illness. Additionally, this examination can likewise assist to find out if the destroyer is responsible for your stopped up sinuses, frustrations, brain fog, or perhaps added pounds.

Dr. Sutton will share a medically shown exploration that can aid individuals who have damage to their oral cavity.

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