Startling: Largest Piece of Tartar Ever on my Tooth

Largest Piece of Tartar Ever: This may be the biggest piece  of tartar i’ve seen in my life.  Take a look at the size of this tartar, it even  has a tooth attached to it when removing it.  But why did this happen? Tartar is formed by the   calcification of dental plaque.

Common questions:

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Can I scrape my own tartar
How do you remove calcified tartar
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How do I get rid of tartar on my gums
Can gums recover from tartar
What happens if tartar is left untreated

Dental plaque is that yellowish thing   that attaches to the tooth surfaces  when they are not properly cleaned.  This tartar contains a lot of bacteria. Tartar is the main cause of periodontitis   or periodontal disease which is the  leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

To avoid the formation of this  tartar is important to maintain   an adequate oral hygiene and perform periodontal  prophylaxis or dental cleanings periodically.  In the case of this patient it is likely that  she has a psychological or mobility problem   that has prevented her from  brushing her teeth for a long time.

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