Heal Receding Gums and Grow Back | Treat Sensitive Teeth and Reverse Receding Gums | Gingivitis

Twice a day and we simply follow that But we still end up with Tooth decay, sensitive teeth and receding gums 80% of Indians and south Asians Brush only once in a day But they still have stronger teeth Even after 60 years of age The problem can be too much of brushing And aggressive brushing that can wear away The enamel and gums gradually In this video I am going to explain a popular ayurvedic routine Which when followed Prevents receding gums forever And also reverses the recession At initial stages. Here is the routine. In the morning, gently brush your teeth Holding position the brush is important You should not hold like this, This is wrong You are not cleaning your sink 🙂 You just need to hold with two or 3 fingers Just like this, and start brushing using Circular motion for the front teeth And back forth motion for back teeth The advantage of holding with 2 or 3 fingers is that You are not applying pressure at all, when you are brushing This is really important If you have sensitive teeth or receding gums If you are using an electric brush like this It automatically has circular and back and forth motion You just need to move it from one end to the other That’s it. No pressure at all Now, at the night time Avoid brushing

And follow this remedy This remedy is a 3 step process and It works effectively in treating receding gums And healing the sensitive teeth Step 1 – is rinsing of your mouth Take 1 tablespoon or little more of water And toss in a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. Now rinse off your mouth with this This will flush out your mouth And prepares it for the next step Step 2 is Oil pulling With Ayurvedic solution Take 2 teaspoons of sesame oil In a mortar & pestle system Toss in a little over Half teaspoon of Cloves into it Now crush it gently Clove and sesame oil combination Works efficiently for all teeth and Gum diseases You can make this sesame clove oil In large amount and store it. Now strain this oil Now, mix 1 tea spoon of this With 1 tablespoon water Do oil pulling With this solution for 1 minute in the beginning And slowly increase it to 3 or 5 minutes This is basically swishing this solution Between gums and teeth quickly Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy

That works like miracle For all teeth and gum diseases This helps in clearing off plaque Bacteria and prevents diseases Like gingivitis Not only that, it heals the receding gums And helps them to recover and grow quickly Step 3 is applying Turmeric Gel Take ½ teaspoon of turmeric Add equal amount of water To make a thick paste like this With the help of fingers Just gently apply this On your gums and teeth Going in circular motion Wait for 1 minute and rinse off your mouth With fresh water

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