Gum Disease and Diabetes

Come to Jesus been linked to diabetes if You are or someone you know is diabetic Or borderline you can’t afford to ignore This breakthrough health news a wealth Of scientific evidence has now emerged Including one study of 3,500 diabetics Directly linking gum disease and Diabetes dr. dana says I want to know About diabetes in dental health when you Have diabetes elevated blood sugar can Cause damage to many parts of your body Including your heart eyes kidneys nerves And vascular scizzum your oral health Can also be affected diabetes increases Your risk of gum disease oral infections Cavities into his lungs to eat while We’re not suggesting that one causes the Other studies to show to a relationship Between diabetes and dental health dr. Day me wants to enhance the quality of Your life a daily program of home care Combined with frequent And cleanings can help minimize oral Contract it’s related dieties there can No longer be any doubt you cannot be Healthy without a healthy mouth that’s Why your dentistry is so important when It comes to managing your diabetes and Your overall health dr. david can help You while teammate may not be able to Completely prevent the impact diabetes Has under oral health you can certainly Help minimize the trouble it costs you Several studies of type 1 and type 2

Diabetic subjects with severe gum Disease have shown improvement in Controlling blood sugar following Periodontal treatment a well-balanced Diet and exercise program that meets Your needs are also crucial to Maintaining blood sugar levels when you Experience painful chewing or have Poorly fitted dental restorations your Bridgework you may be limiting your Healthy food choices discover how are Moving decay restoring old fillings and Placing functional fridge work can Become positive steps in your total Health program why suffer needlessly Medications for oral infections of name As well as artificial saliva substitutes Are available through war in dentistry To relieve your discomfort and address Your immediate concerns it is imperative That patients with diabetes have two Oral exam and cleaning every 6 months or In some cases more frequently Daily brushing flossing and flat control Are essential to keeping your mouth Dismissed great but the good news is That there’s so much that dr. dating can Do to help you or loved ones who have Diabetes we are here to help call 586 558 8200 now or visit www dentistry com For your free consultation with no cost And no obligations

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