How to Treat Gum Disease Properly

“I’ve been told I have gum disease, do I really have to treat it?” That’s a good question Jack because there is more and more conflicting information available online today and patients are coming to us confused about how they should be treating their gum disease.

What is the first stage of gum disease

One thing is certain. It is important to treat gum disease promptly and thoroughly because good gum health is the foundation for all of your teeth, and disease in your mouth affects your body. Here at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry, we have developed an effective treatment protocol based on university research and studies that is comfortable for our patients.

We teach our patients about their key role in maintaining a healthy mouth at home, and we make it fun. Our patient Bea knows how important it is to have healthy tissue around your teeth before receiving any dental treatment.

What does the start of gum disease feel like

Bea wanted to have straighter teeth. Her brother, a dental laboratory technician, understands the ins and outs of dentistry and knew that Dr. Gorman was the expert she could trust. Bea now has a natural, youthful smile.

Bea says it best, “Knowing the health of my mouth can affect the rest of my body, and having a family history of heart disease, I was concerned when I saw my bleeding gums. Dr. Gorman and his hygienist recommended laser therapy.

I am pleased by the fantastic results and the visits were comfortable. It is great to hear good news when I come in for my routine visits. When I notice unhealthy mouths around me, I feel very fortunate for the care I have received.

I am very happy with the overall look and feel of my mouth.” Spend some time on our website and in our smile gallery at to see for yourself some more of our amazing transformations.

We love answering your dental questions, so please keep them coming. Who knows? Your question might be answered next!

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