3 Ways to Know The First Stages of Gum Disease

Know The First Stages of Gum Disease: If You Know Someone With Bad Breath, It Might Be Time For More Than Just A Breath. That’s Right! We Talked With The Experts At Prairie Rose The Only Dentist About Why You Should Make An Appointment.

Gingivitis In Periodontist.. I Will Let You Take The Way. What Is Gingivitis First > > And Divide Us., Big Scary Words For Things That Describe Some Conditions Of The Mouth. Gingivitis, Something That Affects The Gum Tissue.

The Soft Tissues Around Your Teeth.. Typically, People Will Notice That When They Are Brushing And They Get Some Blood They Spit Out In The Sink., Usually That’s First Indication To A Patient. They Might Have A Problem.

. In Essence, Gingivitis Is Swollen And Inflamed Gum Tissue Please Easily And Can Lead To Bigger Issues That You Had Mentioned. Periodontitis. >, > Of Gingivitis Is Bad Thing Number One And Then It Sounds Like Were Not Gets Worse.

Periodontist Shows Up. > > Right A Precursor To Periodontitis.. It Progresses And Goes Unchecked. It Can Start The Damage. Supporting Structures Of The Teeth Are Going Beyond The Gum Tissue Where You Just Have Bleeding Gums.

If It Goes Unmanaged And Unchecked, You Can Get Bone Loss And Lose The Attachments And Supporting Structures Around The Teeth. Worst Case Scenario. Somebody Loses A Lot Of Bone. They End Up In A Situation Where That Tooth Is At Risk To We Lost.

> >. I Saw A Brochure You Guys Have An Here And Periodontitis. It Said On The Front: Do Not Wait Until It Hurts. > >. That Is What Many Things In Dentistry Is That We Do Not Want To Wait For Something To Hurt.

, Because That Typically Means If A Bigger Problem At Hand., A Lot Of Things Can Be Managed And Taken Care Of Sooner Rather Than Later.. That Is Why Regular Dental Checkups Are So Important If You Are Seeing Your Dentist Twice A Year At Least A Lot Of These Things We Can Catch Before They Become Big Problems Such That To Catch Gingivitis Early Before Progresses And Manifests In Any Kind Of Bone Loss.

Entering Into That Periodontal Disease Looks Okay.. Why Did Gingivitis Show Up In The First Place, > >, The Most Common Reason. People End Up With Gingivitis Is Because Of Plaque That Sits Around The Tooth At The Base Of The Tooth, Where The Gum Meets.

The Tooth Is Where Food Debris And Plaque Will Set And That That’s Not Cleaned Off Very Soon. It Could Irritate Your Gums And Inflamed Gums, And That Is How They Become Red And Bleed Easily.. So That Is The Most Common Reason.

. There Are Other Things: Too., Certain Medications Can Cause Inflammation Of Your Gum Tissue, And That Is Something Your Dentist Can Go Over With You And Your Medical History Too, And Sometimes Those Medications Need To Be Changed, But Usually It Is Lack Of Really Good Oral Hygiene.

And/Or Frequent Cleanings With A Hygienist. > >. What Else In Your Field Of Dentistry? Possibly? Are You Excited About New Developments Or New Special Things You Are Doing Here At Prairie Rose > >. We Have Some Of The Latest And Most Modern Technology That You Can Use In The Dental Offices.

Crowns.. The Technology Is Amazing. 3d. Digital Work That We Can Do Is Really Great. New Scanning Software For All Kinds Of Appliances And Prosthesis That Were Using The Mouth. So There’s Kinds Of Things Are Exciting.

> >. Thank You So Much For Your Time, Today., I’m Sure You’re Busy Man And I Appreciate You So Much.. Ladies And Gentlemen, Actor Tom Ehrhardt Here At Prairie Rose Dentist, Ray., > >. Thank You, Michael

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