Do NOT Crown Your Tooth! – Partial Crown (Cosmetic Dentistry)

What’s up guys this is dr. o from Innovative dental great to see your Smiling face you look good did you know That today we’re going to discuss a Topic that will literally and Figuratively save your teeth we’re going To use two clinical examples to compare A partial crown versus a full-coverage Crown and how the partial crown in many Instances may save a ton of your tooth Structure and be much more conservative My goal by the end of this video is that You would leave more informed with the Ability to better seek out the right Dentist so you got the right care and Understand what the best in modern Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has to Offer you if it’s your first time to the Channel then welcome glad to see you This channel is about helping people Attain their best smile by understanding And knowing what’s available with modern Cosmetic dentistry and that’s what our Focus is if that’s something that’s Interesting to you then please consider Subscribing if you’re a regular Subscriber thanks so much for your Support the channel is growing you’re Doing your job way to go let’s dive Right in chances are you’ve either you Either have a crown or you’ve been told That maybe you need to get a crown maybe That’s why you clicked on this videos You want to learn more if you’ve been

Told you have a crown well good stick Around this is gonna be helpful for you Maybe the other reason is you were just Curious what a partial crown is and I’m Gonna help us all understand that Partial crowns also are sometimes called Int leis and onlays or 3/4 crowns They’re basically any sort of Restoration made outside of the mouth That’s bonded to the tooth that doesn’t Require grinding all of the tooth Structure down to the gum line which is A traditional full-coverage crown let’s Get into the clinical examples as you Can see this first tooth is broken has Some fractures has some large metal Amalgam fillings and because of that There’s also some decay underneath there So we’re gonna need to obviously clean That tooth up and give a partial crown You can see here is the preparation of That to see how much enamel is being Left behind and that is the beauty of a Partial crown we get to leave a ton of Natural tooth structure now that the Tooth is all cleaned up there’s no more Fracture no Okay it’s time to use this amazing Machine right here called a CEREC Machine it has this really cool 3d Interaural camera that will create that Three-dimensional model allow us to Design that partial crown and then send It to a milling machine to be made right

Here in the office let’s go ahead and Watch how we do that here you’ll see us Imaging the upper arch and getting into A model created after we’ve cleaned up That tooth here you can see us imaging The lower arch and designing the the Lower model that way we can use a bite Now to image a patient’s biting all the Way together so that way we can make the Crown’s work perfectly together when we We have them fight now the computer will Process the model put those two arches Together and now we can design this Partial crown well organize that arch Correctly within the software so it Understands position and then we do this Step called margination margination is Where tell the software where the Partial crown begins and where the tooth Begins so that way it understands the Difference after we’ve margin aided or Told this this software that then you Tell it which angle that partial crown Is going to fit and then it will design That for us you can see right here it’s Going to give us what’s called an Initial proposal after an initial Proposal we’re able to fine-tune that Create it exactly what we want it this Is really one of the great benefits that When it comes to designing restorations With this software and technology is the Dentist has total control over the end Result when you take an impression and

Send it to a lab the lab technician does Here you can see we’re getting ready to Mill it in the office out of that block Of porcelain and here is a video of us Milling that in our office you can see We have milling machines there that can Cut that out there’s the final and Completed partial crown and here’s the Nicest image here where you really Compare the before during the after and How we were able to piece together at All to make a very nice restoration by Saving a ton of enamel and that’s really What the partial crown is all about Now that we know what a partial crown Looks like we bonded and let’s compare That with a full-coverage crown same Process but let’s see what it looks like As we fix it tooth with a full-coverage Crown because of all the damage that we See there so you can see the large decay And a large amalgam lots of cracks and Decay Visible there when you look at that Tooth we treatment playing a full crown There’s after everything’s cleaned up Right not a ton of tooth left then we Have to do what’s called a buildup that Is where we add in material to help Reshape the tooth fix the void where That cavity was and then now we’re gonna Go back into designing this in the Software in this particular case we were Doing an upper and lower crown but here

Is us imaging the upper arch and making A 3d model of that arch and then you’ll Notice here we do the same for the lower Arch with creating a 3d model they’re Imaging that after that’s all done we Create a bite that way we can put the Two together and then finally the Software is going to make that model Happen for us obviously it would be Honest with it happened this quick right But there’s the model there’s this Margination telling the software hey Here’s where we want to build those Crowns – that way they fit perfectly Then here’s the customization and design That way the dentist and team have full Control over contacts make sure the Floss snaps correctly make sure Everything fits awesome and then we’ll Go ahead and have the upper arch one Designed as well there you’ll see that And then the final step is going to be Fine-tuning the way they fit in space And bite and then submitting that to our Milling machine to have those milled as You can see here we send it to our Milling machine and that milling machine Will mill that out in roughly like ten Minutes so that’s a pretty amazingly Fast process when you’re talking about Ten minutes to create a restoration then We have that restoration polished and Glazed and bonded onto the tooth there You can see it fully completed and

Bonded and that is that patient’s brand New tooth there you can see we fixed up Some of those amalgams but we did that All in one visit Start during and then after you can Compare all three of those images and See how that tooth was restored to Proper bite I I know that I took a lot Of time to obviously put this together Because my heart is really that I want To help people understand what they’re Getting when they’re going to the Dentist and get the best hopefully Comparing a partial crown to full Coverage crown is is pretty clear in This video and you understand that there Is some benefits sometimes partial Crowns can’t be done now not all the Time so I know that’s a lot of questions People are gonna be like well I should I Want to get a partial crown we go to a Dentist that offers them that’s really What you’re gonna be able to help save Yourself on if you’re going to a dentist That only has a hammer guess what Everything is a nail and there’s a huge Benefit to going to a dentist who’s has I mean one thing is this technology Right here makes it a whole lot easier To do this in office in a single visit One of the reasons why I dentist may not Offer partial crowns inlays and onlays Is because of the process of doing this In a multiple step multiple visit type

Of treatment when you can do it in one Visit with this technology now we can Open the door to being much more Conservative much more healthy and Really I like to use this phrase Treating the disease not the organ so We’re gonna treat the tooth decay not The tooth and so many times we cut too Much tooth structure away because it’s The way that we had to do it and enter This technology making it a ton easier For us to do something more conservative For our patients hopefully that makes Sense if this video was helpful please Give it a thumbs up subscribe to the Channel if you want to learn more about Modern day cosmetic dentistry my hopes Is that I can help as many people as I Can make an informed decision when it Comes to choosing a dentist and then Getting the best care and you know what If you’re going man I’d love to come see You well guess what we got you covered Right we have a ability to get you to Innovative dental we’re in Springfield Missouri We have people flying in and we can take Care of you here in a single visit and Sends you back home smiling if that’s Something you’re interested in give us a Call at four one seven eight eight nine Four seven four six you can go to ID Springfield calm and kind of connect With us there otherwise you guys have an

Awesome day you keep smiling it looks Great on you [Music]

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