Dental Probiotics Can it Replace Brushing ? Is it the cure for Bad Breath?

Are dental probiotics the new alternative to  cleaning your mouth well ?Let’s talk about it. Probiotics are live organisms that are intended to  have health benefits : you say live bacteria ! yes   live bacteria you already have millions of them in  your mouth anyway, even in a healthy mouth there   are millions if not billions of microorganisms  living in your mouth.

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These probiotics are   essentially bacterias which fight for the same  food that the bad bacteria fight for so these   specific living organisms can help not only  with bad breath but also gum disease and tooth   decay.

Did you know even occurred your yogurt  is a probiotic. Probiotics promote gut health   whereas dental and oral probiotics specifically  promote oral health by preventing caries gum   disease and bad breath.

It is a relatively  new concept and it is still catching on,   there are a few mainstream probiotics which are in  the market which you can use and they are helpful.   Are they helpful to so that you replace your  cleaning or your brushing and your rinsing of   your mouth? No but they help.

To understand  probiotics you need to understand there are   many different bacterial strains in your mouth, in  the bacterial strains used here in oral probiotics   are very different compared to  your traditional ones, even your   your curd or yogurt has millions of bacterial  strains such as lactobacillus and streptococcus.

But probiotics have a different strain  of streptococcus and lactobacillus.   Another difference between oral and gut probiotics  is obviously the method of administration while   both probiotics are ingested; the oral probiotic  will only act if you keep them in your mouth for   a longer time because as you keep your  mouth wash or your lozenge little longer   more bacterial strains get form the strains for  more colonies in your mouth and they act better.

The biggest benefit of oral probiotics is that it  can be used as an addition to your regular tooth   brushing and flossing oral hygiene can not be  replaced and what are the biggest benefits from   oral probiotics it can prevent halitosis bad  smell decay and it can reduce gum inflammation   as well.

Oral probiotics are most popular for  preventing bad breath or halitosis. Halitosis   is the main reason why most adopt oral probiotics  in their oral hygiene routine these bad bacteria   which create bad smell in your mouth they produce  something called volatile sulfur compounds which   have a very peculiar mouth smell.

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These volatile  sulphur compounds is the chemical which creates   this bad mouth smell, you can take a minty  mouthwash and rinse it all away, wash kills those   bacteria and it gives you a short-term relief, but  an oral probiotic just replaces this bad bacteria   with the good bacteria and hence reduces your bad  breath and many studies have showed that next it   helps in reducing dental decay.

Tooth decay  is formed by is caused by these bacteria all   probiotics replace this bacteria to healthier ones  which do not decay the tooth. Finally gum disease;   gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a term for loss of bone around   the tooth which makes the teeth loose so this  can be prevented by probiotics another research   showed that people suffering from mild to moderate  gingivitis can benefit from oral probiotics;   I wanted to just make you a more informed person  when you see these ads,I recently heard an oral   probiotic ad and I thought i’ll talk about  this so do give it a try and but just know   you it cannot replace your brushing and flossing  it is just at best an augmentation to your oral hygiene.

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