Dental Minute with Dr. Sean Cooney – Diabetes and Gum Disease

Hi, I’m Dr. Sean Cooney and this is your dental
minute. Modern research methods are shedding more and more light
on what used to be poorly understood links Between your overall health and your dental
health. Today we’ll focus on the diabetes/gum disease connection It is estimated that around 80% of the general Population have gum disease in some form.
With the increase in the prevalence of diabetes In the American population an understanding
of gum disease and its effects are more important Now than they have ever been.
Gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene Leading to a bacterial infection that causes
bone loss and eventually, tooth loss. A person with diabetes and gum disease is more likely to have a difficult time controlling their diabetes. In addition, a person will suffer greater effects from gum disease Than a person with gum disease and no diabetes. The bottom line is that maintaining a healthy
mouth in diabetics and non-diabetics alike Can help ensure that your overall health is
maintained for years to come. Thanks for watching.

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