Can Hydrogen Peroxide ACTUALLY Whiten Your Teeth?

I saw that swishing with hydrogen Peroxide every day will whiten my teeth Stop stop stop stop stop Hi my name is whitney and i’m a dental Hygienist here to talk about hydrogen Peroxide and teeth whitening and why It’s not a good idea to swish with it But peroxide is the same ingredient in Whitening strips you’re just trying to Make me spend more money on the strips Here’s the thing yes most whitening Products strips trays and even in-office Whitening treatments contain the Ingredient peroxide and peroxide Is what whitens your teeth however the Difference between whitening products And swishing with peroxide straight from The bottle well there’s a few Differences for one whitening products Are specifically formulated to be placed On your teeth only not all over the Tissues in your mouth your tongue lips Cheeks etc also these whitening products Contain specific concentrations of Carbon my peroxide or hydrogen peroxide So that they will work especially if They are ada approved approved by the American dental association i’ll link my Video more about that in the description Box if you’d like to learn more but for The purpose of this video these Whitening products have also been tested For both safety and efficacy to whiten Teeth whereas hydrogen peroxide straight

From the bottle has not been tested for Safety and efficacy specifically Regarding whitening your teeth but it Literally says to swish around the mouth On the directions in this bottle okay Yes that brings me to my next point yes It says swish around the mouth and or Apply a small amount on the affected Area of the skin these directions also Say use as needed just like you wouldn’t Rub your whole body with peroxide every Day you shouldn’t be swishing with Peroxide every day either like you use Peroxide on your skin when you say have A cut right once the cut gets better you Don’t use it anymore and that’s the same With swishing in your mouth sometimes in Some cases yes it is recommended to Swish if you have certain things going On in your mouth tissue issues however Once the issue is resolved the reason You were swishing has been fixed the Peroxide did its job then you stop so Having said that if you’re trying to use It to whiten your teeth swishing with it Daily you’re not only killing off the Bad bacteria in your mouth but you’re Also killing off the good bacteria in Your mouth which is not good it can Adversely affect the health of your gums Cheeks lips tongue and create a bunch of Other side effects in your mouth okay Fine how about i just place it on a Q-tip and place it on my teeth then it

Won’t touch my gums or my mouth tissues I’ve seen people try to do this i guess You can try it but really unless you’re Gonna keep your mouth open smiling it’s Still going to touch your gums or if You’re trying to make your own diy Whitening trays with foil i’ve even seen Some people use cling wrap to hold the Peroxide in place and so it doesn’t Touch your lips truly none of this is Worth it it offers very little contact Time with your teeth you’re better off Just using a whitening toothpaste if you Want to reduce stains from forming on Your teeth that can help but it won’t Remove old stains just so you know Trying to help you not waste your time Right okay got it placing it on our Teeth isn’t worth it but really i know You said there’s some side effects to The swishing but i’ve been swishing and I haven’t noticed any side effects what Should i actually be worried about so Like i said too much peroxide will mess Up the bacterial flora in your mouth Killing off both the good and bad Bacteria which can lead to a bunch of Not fun things such as black hairy Tongue this often happens the tiny Little papilla which are finger-like Extensions on the surface of your tongue They can grow and become elongated Because you messed up the bacteria in Your mouth which will make it look like

Hair is growing on your tongue and these Papillae also tend to pick up stain and Turn black from all the peroxide Exposure whenever i see this on my Patients at work it’s a telltale sign That they have been over rinsing with Hydrogen peroxide i’ve also had patients Where the swishing caused soft tissue Irritation on their gums causing redness And itchiness which is super Uncomfortable and not something you want To be dealing with so those are the two Big things that can happen from swishing Black hairy tongue and soft tissue Irritation which is why i definitely Don’t recommend anyone to switch with Peroxide daily for teeth whitening if You need to use it for something else Going on in your mouth for a short Amount of time it’s fine but if you plan To use it daily to whiten your teeth It’s not recommended instead it’s Recommended for you to consider Whitening products that are specifically Designed to safely and effectively Whiten your teeth it isn’t worth putting The health of your mouth at risk just to Save 30 bucks which is how much you can Generally find white strips at the store I know this peroxide bottle costs like One dollar but the future problems this Can cause in your mouth it’s not worth It you won’t even be saving money in the Long run i’ll again link my whitening

Videos in the description box below if You want to learn more about how to Safely whiten your teeth and i hope this Video helped you please like and Subscribe and turn on your notifications If it did and if you want more teeth Talk you can visit my website and hang out with me on Instagram at teeth talk girl until next Time peace love and teeth [Music] You

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