7 Best Ways to Avoid Bone Loss And Gum Disease

Avoid Bone Loss: And topping today’s healthcast researchers uncover immune cells linked to inflammation and bone loss and gum disease. Local 10 medical specialist Christie Krueger in our newsroom now with details on this well periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is really common affecting nearly half of all American adults.

Over the age of 30 and 70 percent of adults, ages, 65 and older now it’s long been known. The bacteria triggers gum inflammation and that leads to both bone as well as tooth loss. Well, researchers have now uncovered is that certain immune cells are known as T helper.

17 cells are driving this process. What they found now is that it’s it’s amount and its presence in periodontal patients is greater than impaired on in patients that don’t have periodontal disease. Dr.

Rita Gargan says that the results of this study suggest that therapies targeting these specific cells could really help dentists, provide better treatment to patients who have gum disease and, in other oral health news.

As the holidays fast approaches here, alcohol consumption is going to rise, but that’s really also bad news for your oral health and here’s. Why researchers examine the microorganisms in the mouths of non-drinkers moderate drinkers, as well as heavy drinkers who consumed wine, beer and liquor, and they found that drinking alcohol increases disease producing microorganisms in your mouth and reduces the amount of good bacteria in your mouth? These findings may lead, though, to a better understanding of the potential role that oral bacteria plays in alcohol-related diseases with your healthcast today, i’m kristy krueger

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