How Cosmetic Procedures Are Changing to Avoid Bleeding Gums Disease

How to Avoid Bleeding Gums or Periodontal Disease which is a pus producing bone, destroying bacterial infection. That’s what that is.. Unfortunately, our mouths are full of bacteria and we live with them all the time. And if the environment presents either because we’re not cleaning properly, we haven’t had professional cleaning to get tarter off and the bacteria can sit there.

If we have hormonal problems or hormonal changes. That cause inflammation… and we retain more bacteria. It turns into a puss producing bone, destroying bacterial infection. And that’s pretty gross and people don’t like to hear it, but it’s the reality.

So going to the dentist is not just about your teeth…because. So many other aspects of your whole health, your body, health. Your wellness are affected by a infection that goes on in your in your body.

And in our society today with the levels of stress that we have that affect our immune, systems…definitely periodontal disease. Much more prevalent.. Definitely periodontal disease much more prevalent.

We have actually really seen that the proper intervals as far as how often to see your dentist should be every four months., Because when you see bleeding or puffy gums or have bad breathe, anything like that.

Please rest assure that there is an infection. And we are Very committed to making sure that we take care of each and every patient individually as they need…not, because someone said it should be every six months.

If every six months you show up and your wonderfully clean, then hallelujah that’s what we do.. But if there’s signs of infection…bleeding puffiness bone loss, anything like that., Our hygienist is an expert and she does an amazing job.

. So there are all kinds of different treatments that we do…to take that and get it under control.

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