Are White Teeth Healthier Than Yellow Teeth?

She has such perfect white healthy teeth They look so healthy not necessarily not Necessary Hi everyone my name is whitney and i’m a Dental hygienist here to talk about White teeth and how they are not Necessarily healthier than yellow teeth Teeth whitening is purely cosmetic it Offers no benefit to your dental health Now can you have both white teeth and Healthy teeth yes of course but can you Also have super unhealthy teeth gum Disease cavities bone loss etc but you Keep them white so they appear to look Healthy also yes so the thing about Yellow teeth is that enamel is white Enamel is the outermost layer of the Tooth however dentin which is the next Layer in actually has a yellow tint it’s Natural it’s normal some people just Have thicker enamel than others so the Dentin may or may not be more visible Through the enamel doesn’t mean they are More or less healthy also some people’s Teeth respond to whitening products Better than others again doesn’t mean Anything regarding the health of their Teeth a good analogy i’ve heard is Whitening your teeth won’t take the bad Smell away from your breath in the same Way covering your armpits with a long Sleeve shirt won’t take the b.o smell Away it just covers it up for a second But if you raise your arms the smell is

Not actually covered up same thing with Your mouth you might be whitening Keeping them appearing to look fresh but When you open your mouth at the dentist They might find things going on in there That aren’t great so i just wanted to Make this video to reassure everyone That not everyone’s teeth have to be Pearly white to be healthy there’s Definitely lots of misconceptions out There about white teeth equals healthy And yellow teeth equals unhealthy it’s a Common myth especially in the american Society due to beauty standards so Having said that as long as you’re Getting your routine checkups and Cleanings every six months at the Dentist confirming there is no gum Disease or tooth decay and cavities You’re good be proud you have a healthy Mouth and if you happen to have a yellow Tint to your healthy teeth it’s fine Leave it if you want or if you’re Someone who wants white teeth that’s Cool too there are several safe and Effective ways to whiten your teeth Which i’ll link those videos of mine in The description box if you’d like to Learn more but for the purpose of this Video the take-home messages are one Don’t feel bad if you have a natural Yellow tint but your teeth are healthy And two if you want to whiten or if you Don’t want to whiten it’s your choice

They are your teeth you do you and three Don’t assume someone with white teeth Has healthy teeth and before we go i Need to mention that a natural yellow Tint is different from stain stain can Be caused by coffee tea smoking you know The stuff and brown spots can be caused By a bunch of other things as well Swimming in chlorine pools vitamins and A bunch of things you might not have Even thought about before so if you want To learn more about the differences Between natural tinted yellow teeth and Brown spots on teeth i’ll link that Video of mine in the description box as Well i hope this video helped you please Like and subscribe and turn on your Notifications if it did and if you want More teeth talk you can visit my website and hang out with me on Instagram at teeth talk girl peace love Auntie [Music] You

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