are TOOTHPASTE TABLETS worth it? (Dental Hygienist Explains)

Do toothpaste tablets even work Hi my name is Whitney and I’m a dental Hygienist here to talk about toothpaste Tablets and I have to start by saying to Be completely honest at first I did not Like them I did not recommend them Because they used to only contain Xylitol which is a nice ingredient but By itself it cannot protect against Cavities like fluoride does or Hydroxyaputate does so I didn’t like the Idea of toothpaste tablets when they Only contain Xylitol because Xylitol Alone doesn’t prevent tooth decay and The whole point of using toothpaste it’s A tooth decay but now lots of companies Have started making them with the Ingredient fluoride or hydroxyapatate so Now they are made with cavity prevention Ingredients now I am okay with them so Let’s finally talk about tablet Toothpaste I want to say thank you to Bite for sponsoring this video to help Prevent cavities the company bite offers Both fluoride containing tablet Toothpaste and nanohydroxyapatate Containing tablet toothpaste and I will Link all of their information including A discount code teeth talk girl in the Description box if you’d like to try Them out I totally recommend so why Would someone want to use tablets over a Regular tube of paste the big benefit of Tablet 2 toothpaste why people choose to

Use it is because it reduces plastic Waste since they generally come bulk Packaged in a recyclable jar or a pouch They are eco-friendly they’re also super Convenient for traveling camping things Like that very portable also lots of Toothpaste tablets thrive on being all Natural and free of things like parabens Sulfates and even some of them are vegan Friendly so the big question is is Tablet toothpaste just as good as Regular toothpaste and the big answer is Perhaps tablet toothpaste seems to be Just as good as toothpaste from a tube Only of course if it contains fluoride Or hydroxyaputate however keep in mind Tablet toothpastes have not yet been Approved by the American Dental Association that doesn’t mean the Ada is Against them it just means there isn’t Enough data yet for the tablets to Receive or to not receive the Seal of Acceptance so stay tuned I’ll update the Description box of this video once we Find out more but regardless if you plan On giving tablet toothpaste a try let’s Talk about how to properly use it Because whether you prefer tablet Toothpaste or traditional toothpaste Your oral care products are only as good As how you use them if you’re not Rushing properly then it doesn’t really Matter what type of toothpaste you’re Using so here’s my Demo First Place the

Tablet in your mouth chew the tablet to Mix it with your saliva until it forms a Paste then start brushing where most of The tablet toothpaste is and of course Make sure you’re using proper brushing Techniques and brushing for two minutes Twice each day all while using a soft or Extra soft bristled brush angling your Toothbrush toward your gums and if it’s A manual toothbrush make sure you’re Using it correctly and if it’s an Electric toothbrush make sure you’re Using it correctly you do need to use Different toothbrushing techniques Depending on what type of toothbrush You’re using I’ll of course link those Videos of mine in the description box if You’d like to learn more but back to the Toothpaste for best results when you’re Done brushing be sure to spit but try Not to rinse out your mouth with water That way the anti-cavity fluoride Ingredients can stay on your teeth for An added level of protection but if you Can’t get into it no worries a fluoride Mouthwash is fine to use after instead I’ll link that video of mine in the Description box as well if you’d like to Learn more people make such a big deal On social media to rinse or not to rinse It’s really not that huge of a thing to Be worried about unless you’re super Cavity prone in all in conclusion and Tablet toothpaste have their benefits

They tend to be less messy they help Reduce household waste and they are Extremely easy to travel with but if There’s just one thing you remember from This video I hope it is this if you’re Going to use tablets pick one that has Fluoride in it and if you’re not into Fluoride make sure it at least has Hydroxyaputate I will link my natural Toothpaste video in the description box As well if you’d like to learn more About the differences between fluoride And hydroxyaputate thank you so much for Watching I hope this video helped you Please like subscribe and turn on your Notifications if it did if you want more Deep talk you can visit my website and hang out with me on Instagram teeth talk girl peace love and Teeth [Music] Thank you

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