$5 DIY Cosmetic Dentistry, 1-Hour Dentures, False Teeth

Today I’m going to do a little redneck Knock over I’ve got the transparent fimo Right here and I’m going to make some Fake teeth out of it this is the Transparent white fimo we’ll see how it Works look okay ah The trick is to mould it into shapes That look like teeth this is the most Difficult part and if something I can’t Help you with more of an art than a Science really opening the toothpaste to Hold them in I’ll know they’re baked for A half hour They’re hard and they look like real Teeth now I like to use this stuff to Glue them in there with I’m not telling You to do that and this is what they Look like now I can take them put them In there like that and with that glue After about a half hour this day that Way And they’ll stay in for several days Actually looks pretty good [Music] [Music]

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