3 Best Ways For Wisdom Tooth Gum Infection Treatment

Besides torture genocide and a handful Of other horrible things a toothache is Pretty much the worst thing that could Ever happen to you and if it’s your Wisdom tooth well it’s a freaking Nightmare

How do You Treat Infected Wisdom Teeth Gums

A tooth ache will come after You at the most inopportune moment and Even when you’re just trying to have Some fun it’ll be there you go searching For answers good luck most of the advice Out there doesn’t even begin to touch The Haven infected wisdom tooth no I Think I’ve made my point Wisdom tooth pain really really sucks so Let’s learn how to deal with Welcome back everyone we are going to be Breaking up this video on wisdom tooth Pain into three different sections the First section is going to be the causes Of wisdom tooth pain and some home Remedies and then we’re gonna be talking About what to expect at the dentist and Finally we will discuss how to take care Of yourself after the fact after you’ve Had your wisdom teeth removed assuming That was their fate let’s jump right Into the causes of wisdom tooth pain First cause of wisdom tooth pain is Entrapment and this is when your wisdom Tooth is trying to come into the mouth But it gets stuck halfway up it just Leads a open pathway for bacteria and Debris to get stuck under the gums this Is a problem because it leads to

Fast facts on Pericoronitis:

Infection as the stuff inside decays so What you want to do is flush it all out You’ll need a special syringe for that As you can see here and here’s a quick Video clip on how to do it You use some warm saltwater in a syringe And just shove it in there as far as you Can without causing yourself discomfort And then apply some pressure to the back Syringe so that the salt water rinses Out any debris inside of the little Pocket that we want to clean the second Cause of wisdom tooth pain is a large Cavity like any tooth you can have a Toothache on a wisdom tooth as well and If the cavity is large enough and has Reached the central core of the tooth Which is called the pulp then a Toothache can ensue where you have Severe pain in that area when it comes To a toothache I’m gonna give some Advice that you really can’t take as Proper medical advice because it really Depends on you and your medical Conditions and there’s so many factors But if I was going to be recommending Something to a super-healthy patient That had no medications and no allergies I’d be saying take 400 milligrams of Ibuprofen and to extra-strength Tylenol Every 6 hours they’ve worked really Really well together to control the pain And the final cause of wisdom tooth pain That we’ll be talking about today is

Super-eruption which is essentially when A top wisdom tooth grows down too far or A lower wisdom tooth grows up too far Typically it’s the top one growing down Too far and usually it’s in the context Of when a lower wisdom tooth has already Been lost and the top wisdom tooth no Longer has a partner to to against so What happens is if the wisdom teeth are Like this this one Delay was lost the lower wisdom tooth is Lost and this one starts to grow down And what happened is that if it grows Down far enough it’ll start to actually Impinge or chew on the gums below and That can cause some severe pain as well If it’s left long enough soft diet is The best thing I can recommend until you Do get into the dentist otherwise if you Chew in beef jerky or going hard on you Know apples and stuff like that it may Be tough on the gums keep that in mind And see dentist as soon as you can which Is going to be the next part of this Video now we’re gonna talk about what to Expect at the dentist office so there’s Probably going to be a couple Appointments involved and the first one Is almost always not going to involve The actual extraction of your tooth so Don’t worry you can sleep easy the night Before the dentist you’re just gonna go In and have a chat and get some things Checked out so the first appointment

We’re gonna be making sure that the Wisdom tooth is not too dangerous to Remove some wisdom teeth can be very Close to the nerve of a jaw and can Actually end up in temporary or Permanent numbness of the lower jaw or Tongue so we want to make sure that and We’re not gonna be dealing with those Risks and if we are dealing with those Risks we want to make sure that you’re In the hands of someone like an oral Surgeon who has a whole lot more Experience in extracting wisdom teeth Than the general dentist would in order To assess this risk the dentist is going To be taking something called a Panoramic x-ray or sometimes a CV CT Which is a okay this is gonna be hard to Say cone beam computed tomography which Is just a fancy word for a 3d x-ray Which is going to help the surgeon or The dentist understand in three Dimensions exactly where your tooth is Relative to the nerves and a sinus and All these other anatomical structures Another thing your dentist will likely Take an out it is nice to be sedated That’s what I had when I had my wisdom Teeth taken out my dad actually did it For me he’s a dentist as well and I got All four taken out I had oral sedation So I took a tablet about an hour before The procedure and I had laughing gas as Well and it actually turns out to be a

Dynamite combination I don’t remember Much of it at all little bits and pieces Of it but very very straightforward it Wasn’t Scary at all so for most nervous Patients this combination works really Well which is the laughing gas and the Oral sedation tablet there are more Advanced forms of sedation out there you Can have IV sedation and something Called general anesthesia which is Essentially when you get put out for Surgery if you do have a significant Infection around your wisdom tooth or Actually in your wisdom tooth the Dentist may recommend antibiotics in the Meantime until they do get you back for The extractions this will just prevent Any infection spreading from the tooth If it comes around the tooth to the face Now here’s the words of the wise make Sure that you don’t get fooled by a False sense of security because what’s Gonna happen is that after you start Taking the antibiotics you’re gonna feel Amazing a lot of people do not all the Time but if you do it doesn’t mean that The infection is gone it just means that The pressure from the infection has been Mitigated temporarily such that you’re Not experiencing so much pain and more But it will come back and oftentimes It’s even worse than the first time as For the second appointment here’s what’s

Going to happen if you are going the Sedation route typically the dentist Will bring you in beforehand at least That’s how we do it in Canada the Dentist will give you the pill an hour Before your procedure while you just Chill in the chair wait for it to take Effect and then they will come in and Keep you the freezing and make sure Everything’s a-okay to go now how long Is it gonna take well it really depends On the difficulty that wisdom teeth Themselves how many are being removed And the experience of the dentist a lot Of general dentists themselves do know How to take out wisdom teeth a very very Well and if especially it’s a normal Case it’s not like a really complicated One then the teeth should come up pretty Quickly that being said I myself have Taken out wisdom teeth that took me two Hours to get all of them out and it was No fun for anyone Sometimes the teeth are just really Complicated and take the extra time now What should you expect in terms of Sensation during the procedure well if You’re sedated you probably won’t Remember a whole lot of it so the best Thing I can say is that you shouldn’t be Feeling any pain whatsoever however There may be some vibrations that take Place and you also may just feel like You have to open really wide but again

Most people who are sedated don’t really Remember that part it’s more so if You’re just planning on doing it with Dental freezing alone you may notice That your jaw gets a little sore during The procedure and that there are some Noticeable vibrations in We’re gonna talk about how to care for Yourself after the procedure number one You want to make sure you remember that You’ve just had minor surgery and it’s Okay to be kind to yourself for the next Few days you don’t want to hit the gym The next day and do your one rep max Because that’s just not smart you need To heal you need to recover and just Chill if you’re having sedation just Make sure you have someone organized to Pick you up afterwards as you will be in No condition to drive you’ll be bleeding And out of it and if you try to drive Home would be worse than drunk driving For sure so don’t do it Smoking increases your chances of having Significant problems especially with Regards to dry socket it’s a condition Where the socket fails to heal after the Wisdom tooth is taken out and is Extremely extremely painful you want to Avoid it at all costs as if it does Start to hurt and you get the dry socket Pain no type of analgesic seems to work So what I mean by that is if you throw Advil tylenol threes whatever at it

Doesn’t really cut the pain instead you Actually need to come in to the dentist Again and have him pack a medicine Inside the socket and that seems to be The only way to relieve the pain Predictably next you would just want to Make sure you avoid any suction in the Mouth so don’t drink through a straw and If you need to sneeze you want to sneeze With your mouth open the reason we do This is that negative pressure in the Mouth or suction can dislodge the blood Clot if strong enough and that can Interfere with healing last but not Least just with respect to your diet you Want to make sure that you are not Having things with seeds in them because That can get caught in the sockets and Result in infections or just increased Inflammation if you liked this video Make sure to subscribe for more I got a Ton coming we have procedure videos Filmed through a surgical operating Microscope that are really cool so you Essentially get to see what I see when I’m doing a procedure at very high Magnifications and then we also have Videos on how to get yourself into Really good habits with respect to your Oral care for example if you want to get Into flossing how do you do that for the Rest of your life as opposed to for the Next week of January and then forget About it for the rest of the year

I know flossing is hard to get into but There is a way to do it and there will Be a video coming so they you so much For watching we will see you next time

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